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What’s on your adventure travel wish list?

You could hop on a plane and spend a fortnight lying on a beach. You’ll get a nice tan, you’ll read a few forgettable books, and you’ll have a few drinks, a few meals and then fly home. A few weeks later your tan and your memories will have faded fast. Or you could pick a destination from your adventure travel wish list and enjoy an experience that you will never forget.

The world is full of far flung amazing places and some of them may be on your personal adventure travel wish list. You could visit the Peruvian jungles, witnessing incredible scenery and archaeological treasures. Or maybe you have South Africa as your number one adventure travel destination. Alternatively, some of the best travel experiences in the world simply start with you putting a pin in the globe and setting out.

Adventure Travel Wish List South Africa

Do you want a holiday, or an adventure? 

Your adventure travel wish list might not include Europe – you may automatically think of France or Spain and standard package holidays – but there are some hidden treasures and remote areas that will show you breath-taking scenery. If you want a more remote part of Europe then Romania can provide an unexpected destination. If this is not on your list, it is worth taking a look at everything this country has to offer.

If you want to seek out local traditions and lifestyles on your next adventure trip, you could consider visiting Myanmar. Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, and Iran, are only just emerging as adventure destinations, so you will be able to discover an authentic and untouched country. With ruined temples covering the plain of Bagan, you will treated to remarkable views and vistas as you travel between revered Buddhist sites, such as the ‘balancing Golden Rock’ at Kyaiktiyo and the Mahamuni Pagoda in Mandalay.

For friendly, helpful advice on preparing for all the expeditions on your adventure travel wish list, please call us. We have many years of adventuring experience and because of this we can advise you on what will make your adventure a success. We have an excellent workshop to ensure that your 4 x 4 is adventure ready, from vehicle parts to an incredible range of expedition equipment, so that you are ready for whatever your adventure throws at you!

If you have any questions please contact APB Trading Expedition Equipment, on 01299 250174, email us via or visit our website to view our extensive range of products.

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