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At APB we have years of experience of overland adventuring and expeditions, so when you come to us you can be guaranteed that the advice we give will be practical and relevant. We are adventurers and explorers, not just retailers, so we have lived through badly prepared expeditions, and poorly sourced equipment – meaning that you don’t have to! We use the products we sell, so have first hand experience.


Whether you are planning a far flung adventure to jungles or deserts, or simply an overnight stay in the UK, preparation is still the key to enjoying your adventure. Preparation means that you will have everything you need to make your camp, get a good night’s sleep, and feed and water your party in comfort. As long as you have shelter, warmth and food, you will be refreshed for the next day and will have a much better chance of enjoying an excellent adventure.

APB for all your adventuring requirements.

At APB we offer a full range of services. We prepare 4x4s and other vehicles for both overseas and local adventures. Our expedition preparation service includes split charge systems, long range fuel tanks, onboard water tanks, lighting,  spare wheel carriers  and tyres.  We also stock a vast range of additions to turn your basic 4×4 into the perfect adventuring vehicle, from roof racks to roof tents and awnings to fully kit your vehicle for your next adventure.

APB Expedition Equipment stock an extensive range of top quality products including winches, fuel cans/holders, wolf boxes, storage drawers and cooking gear including kitchen accessories, as well as a whole host of other products to equip you for your adventure. We believe in researching the products that we import and spend time ensuring that the items we sell are high quality and will provide you with everything you need. We stock a wide range of brands including some top names such as Bushtech, Eezi Awn, National Luna, Campmor, and Escape Gear. APB are the sole UK  importer for these brands. National Luna fridges being recognised throughout the world as market leaders. Their fridges being the most efficient in the world.

For friendly, helpful advice on preparing for all your adventures, please call us. We have years of experience, and ensure all our team are well trained and knowledgeable. We enjoy helping all of our customers get the very best out of their camping and adventuring. If you have any questions please contact APB, Expedition Equipment, on 01299 250174, email us at or visit to view our extensive range of products, or you can also visit our previous blog update on expedition boxes.

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