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Automatic Gearbox Flushing

Automatic Gearbox Flushing

Automatic Gearbox Flushing Specialists

Automatic transmissions are wonderful pieces of technology, allowing you to drive smoothly and easily without the hassle of changing gears. In heavy traffic and around town, they can be a godsend, particularly in larger 4×4 vehicles such as Land Rovers. When your automatic gearbox starts to develop problems, though, it can result in a less than impressive ride, hence the important need for Automatic Gearbox Flushing.

You might experience the car not slipping into gear as easily as it used to, resulting in gear ‘shunting’ or other problems such as gear slippage and your rev meter moving about whilst you’re driving at a steady speed, which can indicate torque converter ‘hunting’. Many of these problems can be simply resolved by changing the automatic transmission fluid, which can lose its properties over time due to a build up of sediment.

Automatic Gearbox Flushing

In order to reduce the chances of automatic transmission issues, autobox servicing is important — particularly on higher mileage vehicles and on vehicles which are used for towing, such as Land Rovers or 4x4s, due to the increased strain on the gearbox.

One solution is to flush the automatic transmission. There are a number of companies who claim to be able to do automatic transmission flushing on Land Rovers and other 4×4 vehicles, but there are a number of ways to do it and very few ways which will help to prolong the life of your automatic transmission. Without specialist equipment, automatic gearbox flushing can be a dangerous and risky procedure.

By using the latest Wynn’s Flush system and adding Wynns Flush to remove deposits and clean internal components, we are able to change your automatic gearbox oil by flushing the system fully of the existing automatic transmission fluid and replacing it in an efficient way which will help to preserve the life of your transmission. With the addition of the Wynn’s ‘Smooth Change’ additive, the risk of future problems is reduced massively.

The system works by connecting directly to the transmission oil cooler lines, and using the latest technology to ensure that your automatic transmission is flushed safely and efficiently, leaving you with an automatic gearbox that changes gears smoothly, efficiently and effectively. With a history stretching back more than 75 years, Wynn’s are a leading name in the field, and we’re very proud to be able to offer automatic gearbox flushing with their name on it.

For more information on our automatic gearbox flushing system, or to speak to us about the benefits of having your automatic transmission flushed, call us today on 01299 250174.

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