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The camping fridge freezer has quite simply revolutionised the camping and adventuring industry. Before the advent of travel fridges and freezers, food was entirely limited to tinned produce, which made for a fairly limited diet. But now with the arrival of the ability to keep food cool, our camping menus are limited only by our imagination!

The camping fridge freezer was conceived as an idea in the 1990s, though its original inception was for the cold storage of medical vaccinations across Africa. Sadly due to political reasons the project was scrapped. However, by this time the prototype had been developed and so the manufacturers looked around to see who else might be interested in their design.

camping fridge freezer

In a “which came first, the chicken or the egg?” scenario the world of overland adventuring had not yet taken off, but as the camping fridge freezer came more into the public marketplace, more and more people began enjoying overland adventuring. At APB Expedition Equipment we have been supplying camping and adventuring equipment for many years, and offer an extensive collection to compliment your camping fridge freezer from kitchen accessories to storage boxes.

The camping fridge freezer is literally the best thing since sliced bread

The camping fridge freezer is a brilliant piece of equipment. It offers the ability to store food in two separate compartments at different temperatures. With a very sophisticated electronic system, the original camping fridge freezer was a masterpiece of its time. Today it is still being copied by some manufacturers.

At APB Expedition Equipment we bring our years of knowledge in camping and adventuring into our business. We ensure that we offer a full range of camping fridge freezers to cover every budget and capacity requirement, while never compromising on quality. When you fit out your camp kitchen with us, you can rest assured that we have selected all the items in our ranges for their reliability and functionality.

For friendly, helpful advice on the best camping fridge freezer to suit your adventures, please call us. With our many years of adventuring experience, we ensure that all our employees are well-trained and knowledgeable about all camping and adventuring equipment. We really enjoy helping all our customers get the very best out of their camping and adventuring. If you have any questions, please contact APB Trading Expedition Equipment, on 01299 250174, email us or visit to view our extensive range of products. You can also visit our last blog post on overland expeditions to learn more about our products involved with 4×4 vehicles.

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