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Expedition Boxes – Get Equipped for your Adventure!

Every adventure and expedition requires planning and equipment, and equipment requires good expedition boxes to keep your equipment sand-proof and adventure-proof! Without these essentials your adventure may not be the fantastic experience that you want it to be.

At Expedition Equipment we have used our knowledge and experience of adventuring to research and select the best expedition boxes to suit all of your requirements. We have an extensive range of storage boxes/kegs that provide a variety of solutions to your adventure needs. We have aluminium and plastic expedition boxes in a selection of sizes. Additionally, some of our boxes also come with internal dividers so that you can keep your smaller items in good order.

An aluminium storage chest is a fantastic addition to your expedition equipment. We have an excellent range of different sized storage boxes to use for different circumstances. All our storage boxes are selected for their durability and functionality. You don’t want to be fiddling with badly designed clasps and catches at that crucial moment during your trip or adventure. These expedition boxes work as they’re supposed to, making them a hassle-free addition to your expedition gear.

Expedition boxes – because every expedition needs equipment.

When you are selecting the perfect expedition boxes for your next adventure, the wolf box range is another great place to start looking. The wolf box and accessories provide an affordable storage solution that provides you with waterproof, light, stackable storage. The accessories that go with the wolf boxes are very well designed and bring a whole scope of additional storage to the original wolf box – for example the kitchen organiser which allows you to create a dust-proof place to keep your plates and cutlery.

When you come to APB Trading Expedition Equipment to buy your equipment boxes you know that we understand what you need, so when you ask us for advice you can be sure that our answers will be based on our experience. We are adventurers and explorers at heart, not just retailers!

For friendly, helpful advice on the best expedition boxes and products to suit your adventures, please call us. We really enjoy helping all of our customers get the very best out of their camping and adventuring. To answer all of your questions please contact APB Trading Expedition Equipment, on 01299 250174, email us at or visit to view our extensive range of products.

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