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Overland expeditions can take you anywhere and everywhere. Wherever you want to go we can help you kit out your vehicle for the adventure. From the great outback of Australia, to South African safaris, our customers have taken their vehicles everywhere. Even travelling to the icy outreaches of Iceland, Expedition Equipment customers can be found in the furthest corners of the globe.

overland expeditions

We are passionate about overland expeditions and we want to ensure that all of our customers have a fantastic time on their overland expeditions. To this end we have sourced the very best in equipment from across the world, to suit all climates and budgets. At Expedition Equipment we don’t just sell the products, we have tested them to their limits. We really understand what you need, which means we are more than just a retailer – we can offer advice for the best piece of equipment to suit you. Whether you are looking for improved convenience or extra comfort we can help.

For additional comfort for your overland expeditions we can offer cotton canvas seat covers and we are the sole UK importer of the Escape Gear range of products. These seat covers are designed and manufactured in South Africa and are hand made to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. With a range of products such as these we can make your adventure something to enjoy, rather than struggle through.

Expedition Equipment – servicing overland expeditions for over 40 years

We offer servicing for your vehicle so that we can ensure that not only are you well equipped, but that you are also well prepared for your next overland expedition. Whether you are setting off to travel the world, or simply camping in the UK, with us you can rest assured that your vehicle will have been serviced and maintained to the highest standard. With our extensive range of extras you can kit out your adventuring vehicle to the ultimate specification.

For friendly, helpful advice on preparing for all of your overland expeditions, please call us. With our many years of adventuring experience, we make sure that all our employees are well-trained and knowledgeable about all camping and adventuring equipment. We really enjoy helping all our customers get the very best out of their camping and adventuring. If you have any questions, please contact APB Trading Expedition Equipment, on 01299 250174, email us at or visit to view our extensive range of products. Alternatively, you can visit out previous blog update on overlanding to find out more.

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