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All adventures rely on a well-fed and watered team. When you are equipping your camp kitchen there are lots of things to consider. At APB  Expedition Equipment we offer a full range of kitchen accessories to help you every step of the way. But the most important has to be the portable fridge, so that you can keep all of your food in tip top condition.

portable fridge

We offer a full range of portable fridges to suit every budget. With a range of different capacities according to your requirements. All our portable fridges have top quality insulation and this is one of the most important factors in portable fridge design. The better the insulation the easier it is for the portable fridge to remain cool.

APB Trading Expedition Equipment – helping you keep your cool with a portable fridge.

Other factors that are instrumental in top quality portable fridge design are compressors, conductivity and electronics. The compressor’s job is to pull the fridge’s temperature down, so a good compressor is essential. Conduction is how the fridge draws the heat out. This is hard to see from the outside, and unfortunately is an area where some manufacturers cut corners. With APB Expedition Equipment we can reassure you that we only sell portable fridges from reputable, proven brands, so that you know the quality will be up to standard. Good electronics help regulate the temperature, thereby allowing your portable fridge to work to its very best ability.

This seems like a lot to ask from one fridge. But with a good quality manufacturer you know that all these elements are covered. With all these requirements in place your food, drink and medicines will be kept perfectly cool, ready for you to enjoy. Our National Luna  fridges are approved by the  World Health Organisation.  Reliability comes as standard with APB Expedition Equipment’s excellent range of travel fridges and freezers and indeed all our camping and adventuring equipment.

For friendly, helpful advice on the best portable fridge to suit your adventures, please call us. With our many years of adventuring experience, we ensure that all our employees are well-trained and knowledgeable about all camping and adventuring equipment. We really enjoy helping all our customers get the very best out of their camping and adventuring. If you have any questions please contact APB Trading Expedition Equipment, on 01299 250174, email us or visit to view our extensive range of products. Or you can take a look at our last blog update on camping fridge freezers to learn more about the fridge freezer range at Expedition Equipment.

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