Cast Iron Box Set

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Cast Iron Box Set

The Cast Iron Dutch Oven is great quality, pre-seasoned and heavy duty with an anti-slip notched carry handle.  They have three legs and a rimmed lid and this is so you can pile hot coals on the top to make the perfect Dutch camp oven. Dutch Ovens are perfect for stews, casseroles and can be used for baking and roasting over camp fires or placed in the hot ashes It is also great for use on BBQ’s or at home on the hob or in a conventional oven.


  • Box Size: 54 cm wide, 30 cm deep, 21 cm high.  Total set weight 14.8kg    
  • Pre-seasoned 4 litre Dutch Oven Dutch Oven weight 4 litre.  Capacity 4 litre. Internal width 23.5 cm, internal depth 10 cm
  • Pre-seasoned griddle long 51 cm, wide 23.5 cm, weight 4 kg
  • Pre-seasoned skillet large heavy duty 10″ cast iron skillet frying pan perfect for both home and camp cooking, Diameter 23.5 cm, depth 4.5 cm, weight 1.9 kgs
  • Lid lifter is 41 cm long and made from thick rolled steel, designed specifically for lifting the lid of a Dutch Oven when it has hot coal’s on it.
  • Folding steel trivet, folds up for easy storage. Diameter 24 cm, high 6 cm

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Weight 16.0 kg
Dimensions 58 × 32 × 25 cm
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