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Gstove Heat View Camping Stove

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Gstove Heat View Camping Stove is one of Gstove’s best sellers because of it’s highly effective when using small amounts of wood and it gives room for more wood. It comes complete with a Glass view door and is designed for the experienced camper who needs a low weight stove that has a longer burn time to keep warmer on colder nights. The Gstove Heat View Camping Stove is perfect for those who have a larger tent! Stove and accessories are made of stainless steel which will last year upon year.

The Gstove Heat View Camping Stove is universal that fit all tents and can be upgraded both in effect and use.

Product Specifications:

  • Door Opening Height: 15.5cm
  • Door Opening Width: 12.5cm
  • Fits Tent Size (Persons): 0-2, 4-6, 6-8, 8-10, 10-12, 12-14, 14+
  • Handle, Dryrack Length: 28.7cm
  • Handle/Dryrack Width: 13cm
  • Height Assembled 234cm
  • Length: 38cm
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Standard Content: 1 x stove, 6x pipe, 1 x grate, 1 x ash scraper, 1 x pipe cowel, 1 x glass door
  • Weight: 9400g
  • Width: 22cm


About the Gstove Heat View Camping Stove:

Elevated edge:

  • The stove has an elevated edge at the back of the furnaces, creating a draw extraction and increases combustion; giving more power and therefore less wood consumption.


  • The door has a turntable air take and a glass view window.
  • When the turntable is opened fully the oven becomes warm quickly, therefore providing a good heat within the tent. However, when the turntable is at the lowest opening it will still keep the fire lit within the stove.
  • The door is fully removable from the Gstove itself, therefore the attachment can be slid off so that you can shake out all of the leftovers.


  • The legs are fastened with sturdy splints to ensure that the stoves do not collapse but the legs can also be folded to create more space when transporting the oven.
  • 30cm legs are sold as an option.


  • The pipes provided give a standard height of 260cm and can be stored inside the oven whilst travelling.
  • A top hat is included so that the smoke can be distributed evenly around the sides and ensures that there is more heat within the tent.
  • You can easily adjust the pipe height by purchasing extra pipes.


  • Inside the oven is a grate which can be fully removed if larger wood cubes are required to go inside.
  • The grate allows the wood to burns efficiently; by turning it into porous ash that can be easily scratched away with the supplied ash scraper.


  • The top handles can be used as a drying stand or store cooking pans.
  • The Handles can be used to carry the oven or can be folded together during transport to save space.


  • An ash scraper is included to help with cleaning the oven which can be stored inside during transport.
  • The ash-scraper makes it easy to clean under the grills when the stove is in use, allowing the stove to have a good amount of oxygen.

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