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Gstove Stove Fan

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The Gstove Stove Fan  will speed up the time it takes to heat the tent, therefore it ensures less wood consumption. The fan is operated by heat, therefore requires no assembly. Simply place the Gstove Stove Fan on top of the stove and the fan will distribute the heat evenly in the tent. In addition, the Stove Fan spreads warm air around the tent and prevent warm air from rising to the ceiling. It is important to note that the fan must not be used over 345 celsius as this will destroy the fan. Additionally, the fan can be used in stoves within the home.


Features of the Gstove Stove Fan:

  • Self-propelled, therefore it produces its own electricity from the heat of the stove
  • The fan is silent
  • There is no cost to use as it works off the heat of the oven
  • Additionally the heat is sent to the room instead of getting around the oven or rising to the ceiling
  • The heating time is reduced by about 40%
  • The Stove fan will therefore allow for less wood consumption
  • Also there is more comfort along the walls where it usually gets colder
  • Gstove Stove Fan spreads the heat to the entire tent
  • Finally it will increases the temperature in your tent


Product information:

  • Total height: 22 cm
  • Diameter of fan blades: 20 cm
  • Net weight: 650 cm
  • Max air circulation: 180 CFM
  • Starting at 50 celsius, getting more efficient the warmer it get.



Additional information

Weight 1.0 kg
Dimensions 23 × 19 × 15 cm
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