Stainless Gstove Sold with both 10cm & 30cm Legs

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Gstove Heat is designed for outdoor use that needs low weight and more room for wood and longer burntime to keep you warm the cold nights.
If you have a larger tent, this is the stove for you.

Gstove tent stoves is universal stoves that fits all tents and can be upgraded both in effect and use.

At the door there is an turntable which helps to control the air intake into the stove.
When the turntable is at full opening, the oven is gets rapidly warm and red hot which provides good heat in the tent. The attachment on the door of the Gstove means that it can be slid off and easily removed.

Legs are fastened with sturdy splints to ensure that their legs do not give way and tip the stove over.
If you want more height on the stove, we also include the 30 cm legs, these are easily replaced with the original 10cm legs.

Standard pipes supplied provide a height of 234 cm. Included with the GStoce there is a top hat that distributes the smoke evenly to all sides and ensures that more heat is kept inside the tent while the smoke is searing out.

The grate ensures that wood burns efficiently and does not form large coal bits, but instead becomes porous ash which can easily be scratched with the supplied ash scraper.

The top handles can be used as drying stand or relief for cookingpans.
They also make it easier to carry the oven on a trip.

In addition to the standard pipes and grills, we also include a ashscraper for cleaning the oven. The ashscraper makes it easy to clean under the grills when the stove is in use, this makes sure the stove always has a good amount of oxygen.

Product Specification:
Material: Stainless Steel
Height with standard pipes and legs: 234 cm
Stove Height: 20 cm
Stove Length: 39 cm
Stove Width: 22 cm
Door opening Height: 16,5 cm
Door opening Width: 13,5 cm
Legs Height: 10 cm and 30cm legs
Pipelength Standard: 36,5 cm
Handles/Drystand Length: 29 cm
Handles/Drystand Width:: 13,5 cm
Weight: 9,5 kg (9,5kg is total weight Included stove, pipes and content)
Reccomended to: 2-14 person tents

Standard Content:
1 x Stove – with 10cm and 30cm legs

6 x Pipe (36.5 cm)
1 x Grate
1 x Ashscraper
1 x Top Hat to pipe (20 cm)
1 x Door


Additional information

Weight 12 kg
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