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Tailgate Pro Lift Kit (Toyota Revo) (820TRLTOH8)

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A must-have accessory that everyone’s talking about, Truckman’s tailgate damper and lift-assist kit enables safe and convenient access to your truck bed without the uncontrolled fall and slam. The kit reduces the tailgate’s effective weight by over 50% – lift and close your tailgate with just one finger!

Features And Benefits

Pleasantly smooth opening action – no harsh drop
Protects tailgate component’s from shock – improve the longevity and value of your pick-up
Gradual opening – enhanced safety for family members including children as well as pets
Two-way system, includes lift-assist – enables one hand loading/unloading, helps prevent accidental injury
Complete kit – quick and easy fit with minimal drilling
A Truckman best-seller – loved by pick-up owners
Pleasantly Smooth Opening

Overcome the rapid drop-slamming when opening your pick-up’s tailgate with Truckman’s two-way tailgate damper kit. The kit helps users open the tailgate with ease – especially useful with one-hand operation when loading and unloading cargo into and out of the truck’s load bed area.

The two-way damper kit also protects the tailgate’s internal components, as well as hinges and cables, from long term shock damage thanks to the reduction in speed of the opening action. The damper kit reduces the effective weight of the tailgate by over 50% – a noticeable and reassuring difference that gives peace of mind.

Much like a vehicle’s shock absorbers designed to control spring and suspension movement, the two-way damper kit acts as a shock absorber for the truck’s tailgate – ensuring that the tailgate is operated at a controlled speed, preventing shock and accidental injury to the user as well as family members, pets or children.

Assisted Tailgate Closing

Factory tested for durability, the two-way damper kit provides reliably smooth assistance when lift-closing the tailgate. The reduced effective weight of the tailgate helps prevent injury by lowering the risk of getting hands or fingers caught between the tailgate and the truck body, as well as back, wrist or shoulder strain.

Easy Install

The kit is a value-adding upgrade, designed to work in conjunction with your vehicle’s existing components including support cables. The two-way tailgate damper kit includes one support cable, two internal pistons and a single damper – and a comprehensive installation guide. The damper can be fitted in around 45 minutes with minimal drilling required.

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