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Over the past decade or so, an interesting trend has arisen which has seen a dramatic rise in adventure travel and adventure holidays. Many people claim this has something to do with the fact that consumer goods such as televisions and computers are far more affordable than they were in the past, meaning that more and more of us are keen to spend our money on experiences rather than material possessions. We want to use our hard earned money to get out and see the world, instead of buying things we don’t really need, and gradually turning our homes into offices!

What is adventure travel?

Adventure travel isn’t your run-of-the-mill week on the beach, next to a hotel complex. It isn’t about spending time in the pool with people you promise to keep in touch with after the trip is over. It isn’t about all-inclusive package deals for sunburned families. Adventure travel is about getting back in touch with the world we almost forgot we were part of.  Getting off the beaten track to discover the thrilling landscapes, people and experiences that are out there, waiting for you. Adventure travel is about getting out of the city, waving your job good-bye for a while, and picking up new skills that have been passed down through the ages – lighting fires to cook on, building shelters, even hunting and fishing if you feel like it. Spend just one night under the stars, breathing fresh, mountain air and you’ll know you’re doing yourself some good.

Closer than you think

One of the best things about adventure travel is that you don’t necessarily have to go far to find it. In this very country, as in all countries around the world, there are dark forests to navigate your way through, mountains and valleys to be explored, lakes and rugged coastlines to be swam in and dived off. You can travel as far and wide as you want, and you don’t need a massive budget or lots of time off in order to make the most of it. Adventure travel is as flexible and accessible as you want it to be, and with the right equipment and the right attitude, the world is very much your oyster.

Why not give us a call and see how you could make your adventure travel dreams a reality? You can also visit our previous blog update on expedition equipment for stress-free trips.

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