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The arrival of travel fridges and freezers into the camping and adventuring world has been a brilliant revolution. The ability to be able to store food other than in a tinned form has been a boon for the discerning traveller. However as with all steps forward it has bought its own problem. The problem of choice.

As ever with camping and adventuring the main issue rotates around space. Space is always at a premium and choices of travel fridges and freezers reflect this. The basic choice is between the dual fridge/freezer compartment and the single bin version. At APB we have decades of knowledge and satisfied customers right across the globe, so we are ideally placed to assist you in making your choice.

Length of time of your trips is a key factor in your decision making process. If you mainly camp over long weekends, typically no more than five nights, you are unlikely to need the freezer section at all, so the single fridge unit would be a perfect choice. If you have a large caravan or trailer unit and foresee yourself needing the space you can have a separate travel fridge and freezer. This option is often chosen by professional tour operators.

Helping you to choose the right travel fridges and freezers

APB now also offer the combined travel fridge and freezer, whereby the one compartment fulfils both functions due its fantastically clever insulation techniques. As camping and overland expedition specialists, APB is the go-to choice for friendly advice.

APB source the very best products from all over the world, all to suit a range of different budgets. So rest assured there will be a travel fridge and freezer that suits your requirements – all you have to do is decide what to fill it with!

For advice concerning our extensive range of travel fridges and freezers or to discuss any specific requirements that you may have, please contact us on 01299 250174. We are ready to help you with your next adventure! 

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