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They say that the darkest hour is just before dawn, but with our fantastic selection of camping lights from APB Expedition Equipment we can dispel even that darkness. With our impressive range of lighting, spanning the old-fashioned fluorescent to the modern LED, all your individual preferences are catered for.

Camping lights are a matter of personal choice. The LED light is hailed as a modern technological masterpiece, it is bright, efficient and nearly everlasting, however some people find the quality of the light to be hard and cold and despite the benefits would rather choose another type of camp lighting.

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Fluorescent lighting is deemed to be old fashioned and considered to be inferior to the LED camping lights. But the light from fluorescent lighting is softer and kinder on the eyes. Unfortunately if you prefer this type of lighting, it is now very difficult to source. As the industry swung completely in favour of LED lighting, most companies stopped manufacturing fluorescent lighting. Indeed, one of the very few companies  still to manufacture the 12V fluorescent light is National Luna, a South African company.

APB Expedition Equipment bring you camping lights to light up your darkest hour.

At APB Expedition Equipment we pride ourselves on giving our customers choice at an affordable price. We provide a complete service from vehicle preparation for overland adventuring to camping out whatever your requirement.  We are endlessly searching for the best products to bring to our customers and we research all our suppliers to ensure that we bring you the very best that there is from all round the world. So if you are not sure which camping lights will best fulfil your requirements you can rest assured that we will always help you to reach the best solution for you.

If you would like friendly, impartial advice about camping lights or have any other expedition or camping related questions please give us a call. At APB Expedition Equipment we are always here to listen and advise, no matter how small or large the problem may be. Please call us on 01299 250174 or email us at or visit our website to view our extensive range of products. Or you can take a look at our previous blog post on hunting and fishing equipment for more expedition equipment we have to offer.

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