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The old saying goes: “Give a man a fish you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish you feed him for a lifetime.” But without good hunting and fishing equipment it is difficult to catch a fish. At APB Expedition Equipment we know the importance of good quality equipment at an affordable price.

For our customers who want to enjoy a fully self-sufficient experience we can help kit you out with hunting and fishing equipment to cover every eventuality. Let’s begin with the tent, for every hunter knows the importance of good cover. With our fantastic range of tents of varying sizes, you will be sure to find the right fit for you. We also offer mattresses and army officers’ beds so that you can recline in comfort. Windbreaks are a brilliant solution and help build a safe and comfortable camp.

hunting and fishing equipment

Once your base is sorted you will be ready to venture from your camp. With our comprehensive range of hunting and fishing equipment, we can help you in whatever direction your adventure takes you. Our considerable range of knives ensure that you will always have the correct tool to hand no matter what the circumstances.

Should your adventures take longer than you had anticipated our head torches are perfect to help guide you back to base. Our hunting and fishing equipment range is so well conceived that, if you are successful in your endeavours, we even stock wooden handled toasting forks to help you reap the rewards of all your hard work.

APB  Expedition Equipment’s hunting and fishing equipment for a life without supermarkets.

At APB Expedition Equipment we bring our years of experience to source the very best hunting and fishing equipment. We are constantly investigating and researching the latest and most innovative products in the marketplace and source from all round the world to ensure that we can deliver you an outstanding range of products at an affordable price.

If you would like any advice on hunting and fishing equipment or have any other overland adventuring questions we would love to help. Please call us at APB Trading Expedition Equipment on 01299 250174, email us or visit our website to view our extensive range of products. Alternatively you can check out our previous blog post on 4×4 adventures and the products you could get to enhance your adventure.

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