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Cast Iron 10″ Skillet

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Cast Iron 10″ Skillet

Cast Iron Handled 10″ Skillet.  Ideal for outdoor cooking, camping trips, overland adventures, safari travel, cooking at home and many more. This cast iron skillet should only be washed by hand. Please do no attempt to put in the dishwasher, etc. It’s the perfect size to cook a multitude of things, like meats and vegetables, either by themselves of at the same time. The skillet also features two subtle lips on either side to make it easier to pour any of the contents of the skillet without causing a huge mess!

Model Number: 031016


  • Made of Cast Iron
  • 10″ wide x 1¼” deep
  • Ideal for outdoor cooking, camping or at home
  • Compatible with wood, silicone and metal utensils
  • Suitable to use on a range of appliances (inc. stoves, electric and gas stovetops, BBQs, in the oven etc.)
  • Extremely tough
  • Durable
  • Excellent heat distribution and retention
  • Very versatile, can be used for roasting, braising, boiling, sauteing, etc

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